Soldiers who wrote in the Halloughton Hall Hospital Ledger

 The following schedule shows in alphabetic order a list of the soldiers who made an entry in the ledger. Some wrote detailed accounts, others poems and greetings. Some even drew pictures. There are a number of instances of soldiers writing more than one entry else the duplication of names.

These soldiers came from all part of the British Isles and also Australia and New Zealand.

It is intended to add each entry to this website together with any information discovered as to who the soldiers were and what happened to them after they left Halloughton Hall. The list below may have some inaccuracies because of difficulties sometimes in deciphering signatures and writing.

However what is noticeable is the quality of the handwriting, spelling and grammar of these men who would have left school at age 14. 

Details of soldier’s name and unit

Lcpl SJ Adams 2/9th Middlesex Regt

Rifleman J. W. Akers, 3rd Bn Kings Royal Rifle Corps  

1172 Pte W Amor 6th Bn Leinminster Regiment

Pte H.R. Archard (name not legible) New Zealand  

Pte T Bagley, 1st Bn Irish Guards  

4723 Pte R Bailey, Army Veterinary Corp

Bombardier W Baker 83154 B/66 Royal Field Artillery

Pte A. V. Baker, 1st Queens, Royal West Surrey Regiment

Pte William Ball, 3rd Coldstream Guards

Pte B Bargh 2057, 4th Bn Loyal North Lancs

Rfn EWJ Belcher, Queens Westminster Rifles

Sgt W Blower, 1st Bn East Yorks Regt  

Sapper E Craddock, Royal Engineers

Pte C Brearley, 6th North Staffords

Sgt P Brodie, Seaforth Highlanders

Pte G F Brown, 1st Border Regiment,  See Page of "Soldiers from Gallipoli at Hallbroughton"

Pte G.F. Brown 1st Bn Border Regiment  See Page of "Soldiers from Gallipoli at Hallbroughton"

Sgt Jas A Campbell, Z Company, 1st Royal Munster Regiment  See Page of "Soldiers from Gallipoli at Hallbroughton"

Pte T Carroll 7 Bn East Surrey Regiment

T Carroll, East Surrey Regiment

Sgt J Carstairs, 4th Black Watch

Pte William Chapman, 1st Lancashire Fusiliers,  

Pte Fred Christian, 1622, Machine Gun Corp

Pte Duncan Coins, 11th Bn Royal Scots

Pte H.A. Coker, 1 Bn KOYLI

Pte JB Cooke 8 Bn Cheshire Regiment

Pte Thomas Cooper, 10th Scottish Rifles

Pte C Cooper 14683, 6 Bn Northamptonshire Regt

Pte Robert Cotgrave 11877, 1 Bn Cheshire Regiment

Sgt Clifford H Cripps, 1st Bn Royal Scots

Pte H Curley 18089 2nd Bn Wiltshire Regt  

Pte A Dalby, 1st Northampton Regt   

Staff Sgt Raikes Davies attached to 1st Machine Gun Corp

2934 Pte J J Dibley Machine Gun Section, 20th London Regiment

Pte Ernest Dyer, 1st Bn Royal Welsh Fus

Private W Eades, 2nd Hampshire Regiment  

Pte E Eames 366 C Coy 2nd Bn The Buffs  

Pte Joseph Ellis, 23093, 2nd York and Lancs

Pte Fielding 7 Bn Norfolk Regiment

Pte A. H. Garner 6th Bn North Staffs Regt

3642 Pte W.H. Garton, 1/8 Notts and Derbyshire

Pte G Garwood, 11th Essex Regiment

9295 Pte W.G. Gomm, 6Bn “The Buffs” East Kent Regiment

W Goodwin 10th Bn Royal Buckingham Hussars

1610 Sig W R Griffiths, HQ Signal Staff 1/1 Herefordshire Regt

Rfn A Gunn, 6th Bn City of London

Private W Harley 2nd Royal Fusiliers   See Page of "Soldiers from Gallipoli at Hallbroughton"

Pte J.B. Hassett, Machine Gun Section, Wellington BN NZ  

Sgt G Hawkes, 9th Devonshire Regiment

Pte T Haynes, 2nd Bn Royal Fusiliers  

2433 Pte F Hopkinson 5th West Yorkshire Regiment

Pte T ibbetson, 6th Bn Durham Light Infantry  

Cpl Jones (Name illegible) Shropshire Light Infantry

L/Cpl H Jones 13079, A Coy6 Bn Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

13/270 Cpl J T Jones, NZ Mounted Rifles See Page of "Soldiers from Gallipoli at Hallbroughton"

Pte C Kelly 1248 5th Bn Black Watch  

Private E King, 2nd Bedfordshire Regiment,  

Pte Geo King, 4th Bn Middlesex Regiment  

Pte E King

Private H.B. Lawrence 2nd Bn Australian Infantry  See Page of "Soldiers from Gallipoli at Hallbroughton"

8951 Pte J Leatherland, 2 Bn Lincolnshire Regiment

Cpl Fdk W Lennox 2021, 7th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers  

Pte J Lindsay, 1st Bn Royal Iniskilling

L/Cpl F Lingard 17053 1st Bn Suffolk Regt,  

Pte F Locker, 14h Bn Welsh Regiment

Private A Longmore, 8100, 3rd Bn Worcester  

W  T Lynch, Royal Munster Fus (not clear)  

C Mabbit, 1st Bn Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Pte D Martin, 1st Bn Kings Regt  

Private F. McDowell, 1st Border Regiment   See Page of "Soldiers from Gallipoli at Hallbroughton"

Pte Donald McIver 3253 D Coy 1st Bn Cameron Highlanders  

Pte Mc Ives

Pte D McIves

Pte J. H. Moore 3rd Auckland Regiment  

Pte M Mullen, Northumberland Fusiliers

1470 Pte G North, 8Bn Royal Fusiliers

Cpl H. L. (Not legible) Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars

Pte A Orbell 9th BN Royal Warwickshire Regt  

Pte A Orbell

Pte A Pavitt, 2nd Bn Hants Regt (Gallipoli)  

Private L Pegram,  3rd Bn Royal Fusiliers  

Section Corporal Power, 2nd South Wales Borderers,  See Page of "Soldiers from Gallipoli at Hallbroughton"

3/120 G Quence Mounted Field Ambulance NZ (illegible)

NP Richards, 2nd Bn South Canterbury Regt, NZ

Bdr H.E. Richards, A Bty RFA

Rfn M Roberts, 1st Monmouthshire Regt,  

Pte Owen Roberts, 20427, 14 Bn Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Pte Owen Roberts, 20427, 14 Bn Royal Welsh Fusiliers

E. L. Robinson of Glenfield, Birkenhead, Auckland, NZ  

Tpr E L Robinson 4th Auckland Mounted Rfls

8/96 Pte H Ross 10th Otago  

Pte JB Slater 2676 Machine Gun Section 5th BN Royal Scots  

Spr George William Smith, Royal Engineers

2567 Rfn G.A. Springham, 18 Bn London Regiment, London Irish Rifles

Pte F Squires 1st Bn Kings Own Scottish Brdrs   

Drummer J Stokes, 4th Worcester Regiment

LCpl W. J. Sullivan 14th Kings Hussars  

4/584 Cpl J M Sumner (illegible) Divn Signal Corp,  NZ Engineers

Dvr H Sutton 1483, 5th Staffs Bty RHA

Pte George Taylor 1/4 Seaforth Highlanders

Pte AH Thomas 6th Hauraki Coy Auckland Bn, New Zealand

Pte William Tierney 2373, 1st Bn Durham Light Infantry  

Pte E Toulson (illegible) Auckland Bn NZ

Pte Wm Town 1/5 Bn Essex Regt  

365 Pte Turo K Maori Cont, New Zealand  

Pte E.F.B. Vears, 2977, 20th Company of London Regiment

Pte H Walker, Gloucester Regiment,  

Pte A E Walker, 1/5 Bn Essex Regt  

Pte AE Walker Orderly Room Staff, 1/5 Bn Essex Regiment  

Lcpl Walker 7th Royal Warwickshire Regt

Pte A Warnes, 1/4 Bn KOYLI  

Pte A Warnes 2144, ¼ Bn KOYLI

Pte F Wear, 10 Bn York and Lancs

Pte A Wells, 8th Southland Coy, Otago Bn New Zealand  

Pte S. Weston, (Gallipoli) See Page of "Soldiers from Gallipoli at Hallbroughton"

Pte William H White ASC

Pte G Whittaker 17590, 1st Kings Shropshire Light Infantry

Cpl A Whittingham RAMC (name illegible?)  

L/cpl S Wilkes, 4th Bn Worcester Regt  See Page of "Soldiers from Gallipoli at Hallbroughton"

Pte Wilkinson, Machine Gun Corp, 16333

L/cpl CM Williams, Hampshire Regiment  

Driver C.E.B. Woods, 1st Border Regiment   See Page of "Soldiers from Gallipoli at Hallbroughton"

Bombardier JH Workman, 98th Brigade RFA

Pte M.H.Wright, C Coy Grenadiers, 7Bn London Regt

Pte A Wynne, 2nd Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers

F Yates Grenadier Guards

J Young, Ruahine Coy, Wellington Regiment (illegible)

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