Moreton Morrell and Moreton Paddox

 The War Memorial outside Moreton Morrell Church Memorial  plaque inside the Church

The War Memorial

These are the names of those from the village who died and are named on the War Memorial.:

We have discovered two other residents of Moreton Morrell who died in the war but are not named on the memorial.

* Of the 15 names there are six with an asterisk added.  Although we have been able to discover information of their births and deaths we have not been able to determine their connection with Moreton Morrell and why they were included on the Memorial. It is likely they were working at the several large houses which offered employment before the war to groomsmen, stable lads and house servants. 

If anyone can add further information we would be pleased to hear.

A Moreton Morrell Roll of Honour

Frederick Wincott of the 3rd Hussars - This photo is published with the kind permission of his grandson Tony Wincott. 

See the entry below for more information about Frederick Wincott

The following list of 56 names are those “from the village” who served in the Great War. The main sources for names have been the War Memorial, the “County of Warwickshire Roll of Honour” and the Leamington Courier report of 1st January 1915 stating that by then, 44 men out of the village population of 400 had “answered to the country call”. We have sought to remedy discrepancies or omissions and have included several other men who came from the village and served.

There is impreciseness about how to define who “came from the village”. Many were from elsewhere but were working in the village. We have not always been able to establish any connection with the village.

   Denotes those who lost their lives in the Great War

Alton, John                 Warwickshire Yeomanry
      Adams, Fred     Royal Field Artillery
  Baldwin, Harry                  Royal Horse Artillery
      Barber, Stanley                         Army Service Corp
      Berry, William Thomas      Royal Field Artillery 
Bird, James                     Royal Horse Artillery     
      Bowerman, Charles                       Devon Regiment
      Bramble, Harry                                  10th Hussars
      Buckmaster, Walter Selby                  French Ambulance Service *
      Clark, Harry Morris                     Warwickshire Yeomanry
      Codgebrook, William                              12th Lancers
      Comber, Charles                                10th Hussars

Culver, Howard                                Staffords
  De Trafford, Reginald                     Kings Own
    Dodding, Albert Edward                     Warwickshire Yeomanry
      Emmet (Senior) Robert                      Warwickshire Yeomanry
  Emmet (Junior) Robert                             1st Life Guards 
      Emmet, James Albert Garland       1st Life Guards
    Ferraro, Alfred Joseph                      Royal Field Artillery
      Fitzgerald, Edward Charles                 10th Hussars
           Gardner, John                                   12th Lancers
      Gardner, Martin                                    10th Lancers
      Garland, Charles Tuller                  12th Lancers
      Gibbs, Cyril                                 not known
      Golder, William                                     12th Lancers
  Griffin, Wallace                       Royal Berkshires
    Hancox, Herbert Percy           Warwickshire Yeomanry
    Harrison, Arthur                                       Royal Warwickshire Regiment
    Hirons, Edward                                    10th Hussars
      Holtom, Ernest Fred                   10th Hussars
          Hopkins, William F.                 Royal Warwickshire Regiment
    Horwood, Percy Alfred             Warwickshire Yeomanry
      Jenkinson, Henry                                    12th Lancers

       Jennings, Albert                     Royal Warwickshire Regiment
  Kean, Duncan                                      Army Service Corp
  Kean, George                                      not known
      Lyner, Charles                     Oxfordshire & Bucks Light Infantry

McNaughton, John                     Army Service Corp
  Mann, Albert                                              Royal Warwickshire Regiment
      Mann, Horace                         Oxfordshire & Bucks Light Infantry
Newbury, Fred                           Royal Army Medical Corp
        Putley, Arnold Cornelius              Yorks and Lancs
Rose, James                                          Coldstream Guards
Rose, Percy                             Oxfordshire & Bucks Light Infantry
         Rose, Thomas                                          Rifle Brigade
         Samways, Frederick                         Oxfordshire & Bucks Light Infantry
Scandrett, George C               Royal Warwickshire Regiment
      Steinman, Bernard Puckle                  Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 
               Sturman, Arthur                                  Oxfordshire & Bucks Light Infantry
Thwaites, Daniel                             Cavalry Reserve
                Webb, Hector                                      18th Hussars
West, Arthur                                   Oxfordshire & Bucks Light Infantry
         Wilmot, James                                     Kings Royal Rifle Corp
         Wincott, Frederick                       3rd Hussars
         Wincott, Jesse                                      Royal Navy
         Wincott, Richard                         Royal Warwickshire Regiment
         Yeomans, Arthur William           10th Hussar 

*Walter Selby Buckmaster was too old to serve so he volunteered to serve in the French Ambulance Service (Service Sanitaire)  (See the entry below for more information)

As with the the other villages we have discovered forgotten stories.

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