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March 2020 Newsletter (email version) 

(This format is emailed to each member and is intended to be read online on a pc or tablet. We are still evolving the design so please bear with us)

March 2020 Newsletter (PDF format)

The pdf file is more suitable if you wish to print all or part of the newsletter.  

Use the links below to access  earlier Dene Valley U3A Monthly Newsletters:

The full Newsletter, in colour, A4 Portrait, in 2 formats:

Word Docs Pdf Files
Feb'20 News Doc
Jan '20 News Doc
Dec'19 News Doc
Feb'20 News Pdf
Jan '20 News Pdf
Dec'19 News Pdf

We're keeping mainly PDF files, and will stop posting Docs from 1 Mar 2020. If you want an earlier Newsletter, please write to Peter Davies at dvu3anews@gmail.com , specifying which month and in what format.

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