Information for Group Leaders

On this page we have added a number of documents produced by National Office to help group leaders.

There is a quite a lot of reading so refer to them when you are looking for guidance rather than assuming they are all required reading.

Dene Valley U3A has now been established for several years and groups and their group leaders have had time to gain experience of what works best for them. Nevertheless it is always worth seeking new ideas or revisiting and reminding ourselves of the old.

This booklet was published in 2014 and is 

attractively printed. 

It includes sections on

* Setting up a group

* Participative Learning

Group leaders are recommended to review this 


                Click here to open and read the document which, 

if you wish you may also download.

The National Office has also published several other guidance documents that are intended to assist group leaders.

* Group Leaders Advice Sheet

* Interest Groups

* Risk assessments check list


* Information for Treasurers

You may view and or download any of these documents by clicking on each title above.

A word of reassurance, we are now as a u3a well established and issues such as finances, insurance and risks have normally been well considered before. But nevertheless it is appropriate for you to have access to these documents and to be able to raise any concerns with the Group Co-ordinater or any member of the committee.

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