Free online courses

In recent years there has been a massive growth in access to free courses available online. Commonly known as MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses), they are offered by universities and other respected entities. The National U3a has provided a website page with links and examples of how other u3a and their members are making use of these free facilities.

“MOOCs give us U3A people the chance to learn new things with short courses presented by experts. They started in America a few years ago and have developed rapidly. They now cover a huge range of subjects. Studying in a MOOC gives everyone, including people who have difficulty in getting out, the opportunity to keep their brains active. But within the U3A the aim should always be "Uniting Third Agers" so the main attraction of MOOCs is as a means of promoting discussions in a live group. Even the largest U3A groups struggle to provide the widest range of courses for members; demand always seems to outstrip supply. 

  • Follow the link to MOOCs on Offer to see a list of currently available MOOCs.
  • Follow the link to Case Studies to see how other groups are already using MOOCs.”

Also follow these links to get a quick flavour of what is available from just two examples of the institutions offering free courses:

Community Web Kit provided free by BT