Coronavirus and suspension of our U3A Meetings and Activities

As of 16th March, the Government's  advice in relation to the Coronavirus is that from now on everyone should stop non-essential contact with others and adopt social distancing. People in ‘at risk groups’ are to be shielded from social contact for 12 weeks.  People who should take particular care to minimise social contact are, among others, people over the age of 70.

1. In the light of this advice we have canceled  our monthly general meetings for the time being. 

2. Also in the light of the governments specific advice on at risk groups and over 70s groups are asked not to meet until the government's advice changes.

3. We intend to  initiate other activities that will allow us pursue our interests and hobbies. More announcements will follow.

20th March 2020

More Information and Advice from the National U3A

Following the Government and NHS announcements earlier the Third Age Trust has created a dedicated page on the national website to keep you up to date with the latest guidance and advice - both general and specific to U3A.

The officers of your committee have been asked to let members know that they can find it here.

There are two sections that suggest activities we can still pursue.

Here are links:

"Living History in Unprecedented Times" click HERE

"Keeping in Touch"  click HERE


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