Beating Coronavirus

We may have had to stop meeting in our groups but we are not going to let that beat us.

Firstly Wellesbourne and Walton News Online

As with so many other aspects of our daily life being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, future editions the monthly Wellesbourne and Walton News will only be available online until things return to normal. You can access the newsletter through the link below.

The May edition includes an article on the U3A monthly presentation 'Dogs for Good' which took place earlier in the year. Happy reading!

The June edition will be available towards the end of the month and includes an article about Wallace Simpson following the recent presentation at our monthly meeting.

To access the newsletter click HERE

What we are doing in Dene Valley U3A


This page of our website is for you to tell us about ways that you are finding to continue your u3a activities and for that matter other activities despite the need to comply with the government's advice.

Our April and May newsletters report on the build up of activities and now we have published out June Edition. See the "News" page for links

 This is a selection of what is happening:

  • Our Philosophy Group have been thinking:
Gordon Russell writes - For the Philosophy Group we have so far been using emails containing some ideas people can use to contemplate on existence and other topics. One good thing about isolation and distancing is that time is available to be contemplative, Suggestions such as, 'Lay down and gaze up at the night sky - try and imagine that the Earth is like a back pack you are carrying -  you are hanging there looking at trillions of stars and millions of years of history.' At good 30mins should do. All health warnings apply - wrap up against the cold etc etc. We also looked at the Government advice / rules on what we should be doing and thought about what the ethical philosophies of Aristotle, Kant, Rousseau, Mill and so on say about such advice / rules. Soon we are going to try an ESP research which whilst not strictly Western Philosophy could be a way to communicate with worrying if Zoom is going to work
  • History GroupsBoth History groups are being kept active with small tasks of research to do.  Our first task was to find the origin of well known English phrases or sayings.   This has got off to a flying start.  The task changes every two weeks and we take it in turns to set one.  
Our recent task was entitled  "People and Places". Cariol Turland wrote  about  Jephson Gardens and Dr Henry Jephson after whom they were named."

Beech Lawn in Warwick Street, built for Dr Jephson in 1832.

To read Carol's study of Dr Jephson click HERE 

  • The quiz group has started a virtual quiz where members will take the role of inquisitor each week.No prizes but exercises your grey cells.
  • Flower arranging group:  Jenny Down has set challenges for April's arrangement and asked for photos of design. She intends to do this each month until  the group can meet again. Also she sent group members a link to the recent World Association of Floral Artists (WAFA)Show in Jaipur, India and a link to an introductory video of  Hans Haverkamp’s forage walk and foliage arranging seminars (to see the video click HERE) 
  • French Conversation Group:  Maureen Federico writes our group are keeping connected and active:
    One member sets a task for the rest by email to fulfill by the date of the next meeting ie in a fortnight.  The task set currently by me is for them to find two French idioms, explain their meaning in English and try and write them in a sentence in French. When the deadline is reached, I will nominate another person to set a task ie grammar, who will in turn nominate another member to set us all a task. It should keep us all entertained for a while hopefully, until we can meet up again.
  • Our Vice Chairman John Hargis wrote to a number of us "further to our conservation about the pro's and con's of open airactivities, I was sent the attached article recently with messages from the Spanish Flu pandemic of 100 years ago.  Veryinteresting!  I'm off to sun myself in garden.....with a broom in my hand". 1918-influenza-pandemic-
  • Rock and Roll and Popular Music Our Group normally meets monthly and we share programs of popular music from the start of rock and roll through to the 80s. 
    • 1. to watch and listen to our first virtual session click: HERE
    • 2. working with Heart of England U3A we have produced our second virtual programme click HERE
    • 3. We have now issued our third virtual programme again with Heart of England U3A. We have included a spoof "Lockdown" Abba session by four New Zealand women, "The Starlets". 
    • Goes to show lockdown is international. Enjoy the rest of the programme too. Click HERE 
  • Pilates Groups go virtual  Our pilates groups are keeping up their session by the tutor providing a weekly video of a workout which is accessed from youtube. If you are a member of one of the groups you can sign up via the groupleaders
  • Free online courses: So now we are in lockdown. You have got the garden looking pristine and the house spring cleaned but you do not want to start the decorating. What about one of the myriad of free online  course offered. See what is on offer from across the world and including the Open University. Visit our webpage "Free online Courses"tofind out what's on offer click  HERE
  • Shakespeare Trust: Although the Shakespeare Centre and the five family homes are closed for the time being, the Trust is offering a virtual experience. It is also seeking financial support to help it get through the closure. It is worth looking at thevirtual experiences they offer, Click HERE
  • Our Trains and Planes and Automobiles had a programme of visits mapped out for 2020. Instead Group Leader PeterFinkel has given them this programme of virtual visits:
  • The April trip was to have been to Cosford RAF museum, see their web site for the various exhibits.
  • May was Morgan cars in Malvern.  Check their website to see how they are entering the 21st century.  
Other Internet sites Peter suggests:  
  • Autocar, the website  of the car magazine and is updated daily.   
  • Railway Herald, generally all photos of railways and changed regularly.
  • Youtube, all sorts of stuff here. Just type in what you are interested in. Type in “Dambusters” and see an hour longprogramme first broadcast on Channel 4.   
  • Virtual Bridge: Our Bridge Group Leader has advised Bridge Group members of  free internet accessed  Bridge games. Free access is offered to all U3A members for a trial 3 months. There is no commitment to then join paid access and credit card details are not required. If you would like to play bridge on the internet click HERE
  • National U3A and Mr Motivator have joined forces for a weeklong series of exercises. Mr Motivator - famous for his brightly coloured outfits and enthusiastic tv workouts- has compiled a workout aimed at specifically at Third Agers.
    To join in Click 

If your group is finding a way of continuing activities please share the idea with us. 
  • If you want to share a new project say joining with others on one of the free online courses, let us know and we can help you make contact. 


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